When and where

August 3rd 2024. The first Saturday in August.

Harbor Lite Yacht Club

Gate opens at 8am

We are right next to the state street bridge.

559 State St, Racine WI 53402

What do I need

The only thing we supply is the Cardboard.

You will need tools, table, tape, decorations,

paddles, milk jug, rope, life jacket…

This link will take you to a more detailed list.

Items you can and can't use.

Design suggestions

How do you build

Whether you’re building a one person,

multi-person or a regatta boat

we have info and photos to help.

We can also put you in touch with people

that have done the same type of boat.

Rules for building a race boat

How to get signed up

How to sign up for single, multi person

and regatta boats. If you’re looking to

be a sponsor for a boat or team we have

the info here.

If your looking to sponsor

the event click HERE.

We are looking for teams to build and race. If you have a company, bar, club, school or whatever, come join us. We can set a race class so you can race your rivals. If a business is looking for a team or a team looking for a business, we can help find a match.


We are also looking for people or organizations to help sponsor the event.

For more info on sponsoring CLICK HERE


What can I expect at the event?

  • A full day of hanging by the water. The club is open to the public for this event.
  • Showing off your boat building skills and creativity.
  • Friendly racing against family, friends and other businesses.
  • Live music throughout the day.
  • Great food from our vendors.
  • Helping us raise awareness and money for the charity.
  • There is prize money for the different classes of races and a traveling trophy for the bar race.
  • Cash Prizes for the winners!

The Racine Zoo


Racine Zoo is thrilled to be the featured nonprofit at the August 3rd, Racine Cardboard Boat Race! For 101 years, Racine Zoo has been fostering an enlightening and affordable wildlife experience, improving the bond between people and nature. Racine Zoo is dedicated to promoting awareness of conservation issues through engaging, educational, and entertaining zoo experiences.

Proceeds from this amazing event will stay in Wisconsin to benefit the animals and programs of the Racine Zoo. Through your support, we can continue to educate and inspire our community while creating memorable adventures for guests of all ages for years to come. Learn more about Racine Zoo at www.racinezoo.org



Thanks you for sponsoring us and our charity!

Here is a list of supporters


Hometown support from your hometown bank.

u.2.Baird Logo_287.jpg

Food Vendors for this year!

u.2.Wi Style Barbecue.jpg





We would like to welcome this year’s entertainment.