Supplies needed to build the cardboard boat:u.2.boat rando3.jpg

  • A sharp cutting tool (box knives work the best)
  • Measuring tape
  • A long straight edge
  • Builders / drywall square
  • A marking pen or pencil
  • Rolls of duct tape
  • An old table or sawhorses to place cardboard on while working
  • You may use any latex paint
  • 1 gallon plastic bottle for each boat
  • Rope to tie the plastic bottle to the boat
  • Decorations,stickers,stripes. Show you character
  • Life jacket for each person in the boat
  • Paddle for each person

We have sheets of cardboard at the event. (110"x52"x5/16")

They can also be picked up ahead of time.

Call Scott at 262-930-2784 to make arangments for cardboard.


Items you can use:

• Corrugated cardboard

Standard cardboard boxes can be found at grocery or appliance stores

• Cardboard “blocks”

Can be found at furniture stores

• Cardboard tube

Can be found at flooring storesu.2.building2.jpg

Fastening materials

Duct or masking tape

Items you can not use:

    • Wood, staples, clamps, or screws

    • Styrofoam or foam core boards

    • Plastic, plastic wrap, or tarps

    • Metal, metal foil, or metal paint

    • Fiberglass or any resins of any sort

    • Silicon, epoxies, or caulking compounds

    • Wax or tar

    • 2-Part treatments, 2-Part paints, 2-part adhesives

    • Treated or coated, pasteboard, or chipboardcardboard


Cardboard Boat Design Suggestions

• Set the Design Goal: Fun, Speed, agility and Appearance
• Sketch out your design
• estimate materials or plan how to use what you have
• plan out what construction techniques will be used
• 1’x1’x3’ box: will float 187 lbs.
if it’ll hold you, it’s big enough to float

• Flat bottom, sit-to-paddle & canoe styles - are the best/easiest
• Rudders help keep you straight but make turning difficult and
adds complexity to your design.

• Long boats go fastbut are harder to turn

• Short boats (<8’) - are difficult to keep straight
• Best Length: 8-12 feet
• Best Height: 18 inches
allows room to sit/kneel & still paddle over the edge

• Best Width:
18”- 30”(max) for 1 person
48” wide for 2 people side by side

• Kneeling is a “power” position but sitting is more comfortable
• Cover all edges of cardboard - acts like siphon
• Cardboard Tubes make great frames
Cut for joining & bending

Fasten tubes together

• Cardboard Hull
1-2 layers, fasten & cover the seams

• Reinforce the area where you sit, kneel or stand